In providing Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “A”) with the Internet service (hereinafter “Service”) operated by A to the members (hereinafter “the Client”), “Terms and Conditions”).


This agreement shall apply to all relationships occurring between A and B.
We shall be able to change this service and this agreement without obtaining consent from the other party, and we will accept it. This agreement after the change shall also apply to all relationships occurring between A and B.

The service contents are as follows.· Server space rental

· Issuance of subdomain
· Issuance of e-mail account
· E-mail address transfer service
· Other services added by Koshi as necessary


It is an application form on the site operated by A, and we shall apply.

Users under the age of 18 need to be approved by parents when applying, and the guardian will jointly and guarantee all the conditions stipulated by these Terms.

Upon making the transfer as stipulated in Chapter 3, you will issue an account at the time of confirmation and set the date of start of use.

The minimum usage period is one month, three months, six months, and twelve months, depending on the type of contract, and will be counted from the beginning of the month of this service application date. However, for monthly application after 10th, it will be counted from the next month following the application date.

This agreement shall come into force as from the time when the user delivers the user ID and password to the user. In principle, we can not change the issued user ID.

In the following cases, the application of this service will not be accepted regardless of reason.· When you fill out the false contents in the application form.
· When Judge that A is inappropriate for Y.
· When there is a fear of hindering the other party.

In the following cases, provision of this service shall be suspended immediately, irrespective of the reason.

In that case, please understand that we can not refund the fee already paid.

In addition, we will claim compensation for damages depending on the degree of violation of the rules.· A case where a false declaration is discovered against Komatsu.

· When I made a violation of this agreement.
· You are acting in violation of the prohibited matter specified in Chapter 4.
· When there is no payment of fees as stipulated in Chapter 3.
· When using the service illegally or obviously contrary to public order and morals.
· Others When Judgment deemed inappropriate for Licensee.

In the event that there is a change in the contents declared at the time of application, the member shall immediately notify the change on the change notification form of the members-only page.
You shall not be able to change the name declared at the time of application unless we approve such as change of surname by marriage.

The contract will be automatically renewed when there is no particular offer from the client by one week before the expiration date of the contract (hereinafter referred to as “contract end date”). This time will notify you by e-mail to that effect by 10 days before the contract end date. However, even if the notification from Mr. A does not arrive due to circumstances, payment obligation is not lost.

In the event that you leave this service, you will notify us of that fact within one week before the contract end date from the members’ dedicated page. However, we can not respond to refund for the remaining contract period.


When you make an official application on the application form, you will transfer it to the prescribed account by the deposit deadline date specified by A.
Regarding cancellation due to the circumstances of the second party after payment of the fee, we will not refund you for any reason.
We shall be able to revise or partially change the fee without obtaining the consent of the second party and we will pay the fee prescribed in the rate regulation after the revision or change by the prescribed procedure. Changes in rates will be applied from the time of your next contract renewal.
All transfer fee and other expenses necessary for payment shall be borne by you.
If you do not receive money after 7 days from the deposit deadline specified by A, we shall have the right to delete your account and all data.


In order to provide this service smoothly, I will prohibit the following actions and site management at all.

The responsibility belongs to himself in any circumstances under the following acts, and the user shall not bear any responsibility. In the event of any kind of damage caused by these actions, A will be able to claim the equivalent amount to the owner.· Disk space against unspecified majority · Prohibition of acts considered as resale of resources.

· Prohibited live-action system adult site (For details   , please click here ).
* In the domains other than “nyaa.co.uk“, adult site management is completely prohibited.
· Prohibition of dating content and link collection (including bulletin boards for lover recruitment etc).
· Prohibition of unauthorized use (including collection of links) of copyright goods (artist images, documents, MIDI etc).
· Prohibition of content including content that violates / violates public order and morals or laws and ordinances.
· Prohibition of streaming distribution of movies etc.
· Prohibition of direct linking of large files to third party sites (  Please see here for
details  ). · Prohibit transmission and reception of large capacity files (about 3 M or more) at the same time. · Prohibition of execution of processes not directly related to the provision of the home page service. · Sites that thousands of HP or CGI accesses per day (please contact us for details  ).
· A site with a large amount of transfer.
· Spam acts of the mail and prohibition of mass distribution.
· The prohibition of CGI such as chatting, box garden CGI, and other loads that severely impact the server.
· Prohibition of CGI of binary executable by C language etc.
· Others Prohibition of content judged by the user as being inappropriate.


Lending of accounts and passwords issued by A to third parties is prohibited.

You shall assume all responsibility for the management of accounts and passwords issued by the user and all responsibility for damages caused by unauthorized use by third parties.

In the event that the password is known to a third party, we will promptly notify you to that.

We assume that the backup management of the data in the disk area of the second party assumes all responsibility and we shall assume no responsibility even if the data of the second disk area of the server is lost by server failure etc. .

We shall not give third parties the facts that we have learned in business through this service.

However, this does not apply to cases where an investigation cooperation obligation occurs.

We shall not investigate the files and e-mails of the other party unless you violate these Terms and the laws to be complied with.


In order to keep the operation status of this service good, we shall be able to temporarily suspend its operation from time to time and carry out maintenance inspections.
In the case of the preceding paragraph, in principle, we will inform you to that effect on our own, but in case of emergency, we shall be able to perform maintenance inspection after pausing without notice.

We may suspend the operation of this service due to unavoidable reasons such as unexpected accidents and force majeure without prior notice to B to B.

We shall be able to add, change or abolish the service content of this service without giving advance notice to B.

If service stoppage occurs continuously for 150 hours or more and the cause is not based on natural disasters or public accidents, the fee will be refunded on a prorated basis only when there is an offer from the second party.

However, if there is no offer within 3 days after service restoration, we regard it as abandoning its right.
(Example) If service stops for 8 days out of 30 days of a month, those who rented at 600 yen a month receive a refund of 160 yen. Also, the commission on that occasion shall be held by the institution.

If the transfer amount of the site or mail etc. of the second party is remarkably large, we shall be able to freely limit the transfer amount by that judgment.


We do not assume any responsibility for any damage that occurred to the user when using the services provided by the user.

We do not assume any responsibility for damages the third party has given to the third party when using the services provided by A, solve the damage damaged by third party by a third party with the responsibility and expenses of the third party, Shall not be damaged by such damage.

In the event of any dispute between the third party and the third party when using the services provided by A, the parties shall resolve the problem, and in some cases depending on the judgment of A, disclosure of the personal information of the other party to the other party We shall be able to do.

We assume no guarantee, such as completeness, accuracy, applicability, usefulness, etc., of information obtained through this service.

We are not liable for any damages suffered by you or another third party caused by this due to service delay, interruption etc due to service maintenance / interruption / change and other reasons We shall assume.

In the event that the user infringes the right of illegal publication, reproduction, modification, adaptation or translation etc. of the third party’s work and creation, the responsibility belongs to the user, and the user shall not bear any responsibility .

A is not responsible for the individual file of the second party stored in the system.

You are responsible for backing up the data stored in the system of A.

You shall be able to delete the content written by you in the following cases. In either case, we will not be obliged to disclose the reason for deletion of written contents.· In the case that the judgment is made that the written content falls under the prohibited act.

· When a certain period has elapsed after writing.

· When the allocated disk capacity is exceeded.

· In addition, when judging that A is inappropriate.

As soon as the day after the contract end date of Party B, we shall have the right to unconditionally delete all the individual files of that Party.


In using the service provided by A, if the server is down or the other damages the user, we shall be able to claim damages against the client.
In the event of a need for litigation between the user and the user, the court of competent jurisdiction shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

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