Frequently Asks

Frequently asked questions and answers. If you have something you do not understand, please refer here.
If you can not solve it here, please contact us.

Do you enter advertisements?
Is it possible to apply service only for e-mail address?
What is a subdomain?
Can I change my account?
Can I change the domain?
Is there a transfer limit?
Can I use telnet?
Please tell me about the backup system.

Please tell me more about payment of fee.
I am late for payment due to circumstances, but is it okay?
Is there a setting fee for option service?
What will happen if I add an option later?
I made an application at the end of the month, but will the fee of the month I applied be generated?
I transferred the fee, but is it necessary to contact?

At what stage will the contract be concluded?
Can I change the plan during the contract term?
Is it possible to change the contract term?
Is there a notice to notify when the contract closing date is approaching?
How can I renew my contract?
Can I cancel in the middle of the contract period?

Is it possible to use for commercial purposes?
Is it possible to resell?
Can I use web ring?
Can I manage the search engine / ranking site?
Can I manage sites that handle movies and audio files etc?
Can I post ads on the site?
What is direct link? Why direct link is not good?
I would like to allow third parties to make direct banner link ….
Is it possible to use warehouse?
Is the adult (18 forbidden) site prohibited?

How long will it be possible to use after applying?
I have applied but I can not receive “Registration acceptance completion mail”.
Does not the advertisement or the letter come to the registered address?
I live abroad, but is it possible to apply?
I made a mistake in my email address at the time of application.
Can I apply with a free e-mail address?
I’d like to sign up with a corporate entity, but is it possible?

Please tell me about the support system.
Can not you make inquiries by phone?
I did an inquiry by e-mail, but the reply does not come.

I can not login to members’ dedicated page.
I have made a deposit, but the transfer status is “Not Payment”.
I’d like to cancel my subdomain application, what should I do?
I applied for a subdomain, but when will it be reflected?
When applying for a subdomain, will the current URL be deleted?
I can not log in to the file manager.

I forgot my email address.
Please tell me how to set up the mailer.
Can I not change my e-mail password?
Please tell me about mail transfer service.
What is “POP before SMTP”?
I can not send mail.
Is there a limit on the capacity of the mail server?

How do I send the file to the server?
Please tell me how to set FTP software.
I can not connect (login) to FTP.
Can I change the FTP password?
Does the top page always have to be “index.html”?
I can not install CGI with file manager.
I can not edit the uploaded file with file manager.
Although uploading the file does not reflect it, it is under construction.

What language is available for CGI?
Please tell me the path of Perl.
Please tell me the path of sendmail.
What is the version of Perl?
When installing CGI, is there a directory specification?
Even if CGI is installed, an error will appear.
Is it possible to install chat?
Is there restriction on the installation of CGI?
What is permission?
How do I change permissions?

Please tell me the specifications of the server.
Please tell me the absolute path of your home directory.
My homepage got garbled.
I forgot ID or PASS.
What is “display based on visit sales method”?
Is there a trial period?